Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Snow Out " Contest

"Snow Out" Contest!
Every year in Vermont there are a number of “Ice Out” contests. One such contest is for Caspian Lake. People must guess the date and time when all of the ice will be melted. A sample guess might be: April 20, 10:30 a.m. The winner is the person who is closest to the date and time.
Here is a photo I took today (March 31) at my Barn.  It shows the incredible amount of snow which still exists.  We’re supposed to get more snow starting tonight and going into tomorrow.
Here’s my contest: Send me your estimate of the DATE and TIME of day when all of the snow will be melted at my Barn. I will take a photo (from the same vantage point as the attached photo) on the day the snow is gone. You have until Wednesday, April 6th, to send me your guess.
Email me at:
The winner will be the person closest to the date and time.
The winner will receive 3 of my photographic cards.
Good Luck,